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Coastal Impressions is a building design and drafting service specialising in home designs to suit Queensland's sub-tropical climate and relaxed coastal lifestyle.

These houses can vary immensely in their appearance and function,  from modern interpretations of "Queenslander" styles, to 1960's retro.  Many of us holidayed in such houses in our youth, and today there is a desire by many people to capture that same charm in our own holiday homes or permanent residences.

Renovations and new homes can be designed by Coastal Impressions to suit your individual needs and likes. Start the process off with a Concept Consultation and find out what awaits for you in your home.

We service Gold Coast City Council and all Brisbane City Council suburbs.
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Concept Consultations in your home
  • • Concept Plans
  • • Computer imaging
  • • Working Drawings
  • • Engineering, Surveying, Town planning and        Certification Consultants available 

At Coastal Impressions we can organise all the steps you have to go through to start building. Modern building and planning can be very difficult with all the rules that Governments and councils have thrown upon us all!

Don't get caught out with finding out you missed a step in the process. We keep up to date with planning rules and the Building Code of Australia, and have consultants we can refer to for advice.
We can show you how your project will look.
Two level extension and alteration to a 1970s home
We are a small business and understand the need for communication.

If you are unsure of what to do, how to start or even if you should contemplate a renovation, give us a call or drop us an email to find out anything. We usually respond to email 7 days a week.

In home design Advice!

Arrange a "Concept Consultation" with us to discuss your building and renovating needs with us and find out what works, what it costs to build and how to get what you want from your home!"

The "Concept Consultation" costs $250 and leaves you with good information about how to get your dream home built most effectively and serve your needs over the years.
Spending $250 and two or three hours of your time is better than doing the wrong thing and jumping in before you are certain. 

We'll even tell you if you are better off investigating selling and buying a more appropriate home. 


Coastal Impressions

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Residential Design for Modern Living

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