Design Process

To design and plan your dream home Coastal Impressions will guide you through stages to minimise the pressure of the design and drafting process. These stages are usually as simple as the list below.


For a $250 fee, Coastal Impressions will meet you and your family at your home or land to discuss your requirements. At a Consultation, you can present to us any ideas you have, whether they be rough sketches, magazine clippings, or photos. From there we can see what you like and perhaps what you don’t like. 
Alternatively, if you have no idea what you like or dislike, we will ask you questions or discuss ideas to see what you prefer.

Concept Plans

Once we have worked out from the Consultation what could work for your needs, we come back and do a site measure and then return to the office to produce floor plans and outside elevations.
These are the drawings which show what the finished project would look like. 

The purpose of Concept Plans is to ensure you are happy with the design prior to spending money and time on working drawings which show the technical information for the builder.

Contact us to find out costs for these plans for your home. They vary depending upon the size of your project. As a guide a simple internal alteration only requiring existing and proposed floor plans and some internal views could cost as little as several hundred dollars through to several thousand for a complex intricate new home.

Working Drawings

After any amendments to the concept plans, technical drawings showing the structural information need to be prepared for the builders to quote and for a private building certifier to approve the job.

Engineering such as soil testing and footing and slab design as well as surveying can be arranged too where required.

We will guide you step by step through the process and answer any questions you have along the way.

We can quote the cost of working drawings exactly, once we have produced Concept Plans, but contact us now to get an approximate costing.
Residential Design for Modern Living

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