Your home should be designed to not just suit your land, but your lifestyle and your personality. Remember paint is easily changed. This bright yellow door adds a cheery wake me up to a large walk in pantry.

Angled walls were used here to take advantage of the pie shaped lot, then windows added up high for privacy and to prevent shine on the Television screen. Then just add some colours to distinguish between walls, throw in your favourite pieces and you're done!


Sometimes it's the detail that makes the difference. This could have just been done as a aluminium slider but these louvres add some vibe! ​​

Do you ever find it hard to visualise what your home could look like? Many people do. We use 3d visualisation software designed specifically for houses.

We can do simple internal images of a single room, or outside views of the whole building.
If you want to really have something special we can produce an animated movie or walk through of your home. We can email you a secure youtube link of your project so you can watch it in the comfort of your own home.

 A house doesn't have to be just about rooms. Modern life often involves adaptable spaces which interconnect without any part being completely shut out.  
You too, can adapt this thinking to your new home or renovation easily, so it stays functional as your  needs change.
Retro 60's inspired Games Room
Residential Design for Modern Living

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