New Homes
New homes can be designed to suit your specific needs, whether it be a modern interpretation of a traditional beach shack, or a completely unique design which reflects your own quirky character.

We are open to using different materials to the standard timber, brick, or rendered finishes. There are new composite sheets and panels, metals, plys, and AAC concrete. 

You may choose to incorporate many different materials, colours and textures in your home. We can help guide you through the vast array of products available and tell you how they could be incorporated in your dream home.

Why not be a trend setter?  You don't have to copy what other people have done. Coastal Impressions have been amongst the first to use certain rooflines, deck styles and other design ideas on some projects, which were at first radical , but soon became less so as other home owners in the area also stepped into the unknown with their designs!
Coastal Impressions will design whatever size home you need for whatever size block you have. Whether it be a huge mansion , a suburban family home, or a funky inner city studio on a pocket sized lot.

We work with you to get your dream built to your taste, and your needs, not ours. We believe we are the interface between you and your wishes. We guide you and advise, and point out where mistakes could be made, but we don't ever tell you "you can't have" unless there is some legal reason.

Use our knowledge for your needs today!
Building is about a combination of colours, shapes and textures, just like any other art form.
Residential Design for Modern Living

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