Renovations and Extensions
Everyone has different requirements and design preferences when it comes to building their dream home. That's why we meet with you to discuss what you like and don't like.

Book a Concept Consultation and show us photos and magazine clippings of what styles and materials you like and also what you don't! That way we can start to fine tune a design for your home before you committ money to drawings.

When you've lived in a house a while, and it starts to  feel too small or not function properly, you might think it's time to sell. That may be the best option in some cases, but before you commit isn't it worth spending $250 for a neutral point of view? 

Each year coastal Impressions helps many families get the most out of their homes by explaining what is possible, what it costs and will it improve their lifestyle. Of course you dont want to spend too much on plans only to find out you can't afford it. We'll give you an approximate guide for what your renovation would cost. That way you'll find out quickly if you're overcapitalising or spending money you dont have.


Residential Design for Modern Living

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